most amazing volcanoes

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Most Amazing Volcanoes

biggest volcanoes on Earth, estimated by volume. Includes Tamu Massif, Mauna Loa and a few surprises

When Krakatoa (also spelled Krakatau) blew its top in 1883, it did so with the force of 13,000 atomic bombs. No, really, its true. They heard the Indonesian island go all the way in Australia, and tsunamis, ashes and toxic fumes overtook entire islands nearby. All in all, over 36,000 people lost their lives and whole villages just went away. The shockwave reverberated around the globe, registering on barographs thousands of miles away. The 1883 eruption destroyed almost the entire island, but, lest there be any doubt that the area is still active, a new island, dubbed Anak Krakatau (child of Krakatau) has risen in its place ... and it gets bigger every day.

Sarychev Japan
Santa Maria Volcano
Manam Volcano Papua New Guinea
Eyjafjallajokull Iceland
Mount Etna Sicily
Pavlof USA
Soufriere Hills Montserrat
Vesuvius Italy
Lascar Chile
The Sun Space
Mayon Philippines
Mount Sinabung Indonesia
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