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Audi TT coupe

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Audi TT coupe

In August of 2014, the order book opened for the third version of the Audi TT, one of Audi s most famous models. Some say the redesigned car is not radically different enough from the outgoing model (pictured) but the changes definitely give the new TT an updated, modern look. The new chrome grille brings the coupe in to line with Audi s current design aesthetic and a 12.3 inch screen behind the steering wheel replaces conventional dials. Audi s new Multi Media Interface (MMI) gets it debut in the new TT, as do smart LED headlights that can stay on full beam without blinding drivers in oncoming traffic. Audi has made the car lighter, faster and more efficient than the model it replaces.

Price ?29,770 - ?40,270


  • Stylish image
  • Diesel is cheap to run
  • Comfortable and fun to drive

  • Expensive to buy
  • Cramped back seats
  • No four wheel drive diesel

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