kabir das

Kabir Das

Kabir was a mystic poet and saint of India, whose writings have greatly influenced the Bhakti moveme
1. Biography
Kabir Das, a mystical poet and great Saint of India, was born in the year 1440 and died in the year 1518. According to the Islam the meaning of the Kabir is The Great. Kabir Panth is the huge religious community which identifies the Kabir as the originator of the Sant Mat sects. The members of Kabir Panth are known as the Kabir panthis who had extended all over the over north and central India. Some of the great writings of the Kabir Das are Bijak, Kabir Granthawali, Anurag Sagar, Sakhi Granth etc. It is clearly not known about his birth parents but it is noted that he has been grew up by the very poor family of Muslim weavers. He was very spiritual person and became a great Sadhu. He got fame all over the world because of his influential traditions and culture.

It is considered that he got all his spiritual training from his Guru named, Ramananda, in his early childhood. One day, he became a well known disciple of the Guru Ramananda. The house of the Kabir Das has accommodated students and scholars for living and studying his great works.There is no clue of the birth parent of the Kabir Das but it is considered that he was cared by a Muslim family. He was founded in Lehartara, a small town in Varanasi by the Niru and Nima (his care taker parents). His parents were extremely poor and uneducated but they very heartily adopted the little baby and trained him about their own business. He lived the balanced life of a simple house holder and a mystic.

2. Kabir Das Jayanti
It is considered that the great poet, Saint Kabir Das, was born in the month of Jyestha on Purnima in the year 1440. Thats why Saint Kabir Das Jayanti or birthday anniversary is celebrated every year with great enthusiasm by his followers and lovers on the Purnima of May or June (Hindi month of Jyestha). In 2013, it was celebrated on 23rd of June, at Sunday.
3. Kabir Das Teaching
It is considered that he got his spiritual training came from the Ramananda, guru of the Sant Kabir. In the starting Ramananda was not agreeing to accept Kabir Das as his disciple. Once upon a time, Sant Kabir Das had lie down on the ladders of the pond and reading the mantra of Rama Rama, in the early morning Ramananda was going for taking bath and Kabir come down below his feet. Ramananda felt guilty for that activity and then Ramananda was forced to accept him as his disciple. It is believed that Kabirs family is still living in the Kabir Chaura in Varanasi.It is the photo of the Saint Kabir Math in the Varanasi where saints are busy in the singing Kabir Ke Dohe. It is the place of giving real education of life to the people.
4. Kabir Matha
Kabir matha is located at the Kabir Chaura, Varanasi and Lahartara, Varanasi in the back passageways. Neeru teela was the house of his parents the Neeru and Neema. Now it has become the accommodation for students and scholars who study Kabirs work.
5. Philosophies
Sant Kabir was prejudiced by the existing religious mood of that time like Hinduism, Tantrism as well as the personal devotionalism mixed with the imageless God of Islam. Kabir Das is the first Indian saint who has coordinated the Hinduism and Islam by giving a universal path which could be followed by both Hindus and Muslims. According to him every life has relationship with two spiritual principles (Jivatma and Paramatma). His view about the moksha that, it is the process of uniting these two divine principles.

His great writing Bijak has huge a collection of poems which makes clear the Kabirs general view of the spirituality. Kabirs Hindi was a dialect, simple like his philosophies. He simply followed the oneness in the God. He has always rejected the murti pujan in Hinduism and shown the clear confidence in bhakti and Sufi ideas.

6. His Poetry
He had composed the poems in a concise and simple style resonating the admire for factual guru. After being an illiterate he had written his poems in Hindi mixing with Avadhi, Braj, and Bhojpuri. He was insulted by some people but he never attended.
7. Legacy
All the poems and songs credited to the Sant Kabir are existing in the several languages. Kabir and his followers are named according to his poetic response such as banis and utterances. The poems are called variously as dohe, saloka and sakhi. Sakhi means to be memorizes and to remind the highest Truth. The memorizing, performing, and pondering over these utterances comprises for the Kabir and all his followers a way to the spiritual awakening.
8. Life History of Kabir Das
Kabirchaura Math Mulgadi is the home, historical work place and meditation place of the Saint Shiromani Kabir Das. He was the only saint of his type, known as the Sab Santan Sartaj. It is considered as, the history of humanity is worthless without Kabirchaura Math Mulgadi just like all the saints are valueless without Saint Kabir. Kabirchaura Math Mulgadi has its own affluent traditions and effective history. It is the home of Kabir as well as the courageous vidyapith for all the saints. The Indian saints of the Madhyakalin India got their spiritual education form this place. It has been proved in the history of human tradition that it is not necessary to go to the Himalaya for the deep meditation, but it can be done by living in the society. Kabir Das himself was the ideal indication of this. He is the real indication of the Bhakti, living together with the normal human being life. He showed the way of free Bhakti to the people instead of worshiping stone. History witnessed that the tradition of here give the reputation and recognition to all the saints.

The used things of the Kabir as well as other saints of his tradition are still kept safe and secure in the Kabir Math. The weaving machine, khadau, rudraksh garland (got from his Guru Swami Ramanand), rust free trident and all the other thing used by the Kabir someday are available at the Kabir Math.

9. Historical well
A historical well is here at the Kabir Math, the water of which is considered as mixed with the Amrit Ras of his Sadhana. It was first guessed by the great Pandit Sarvanand from the south India. He came here for arguing with the Kabir and felt thirsty. He drunk water and ask for address of Kabir from the kamali. Kamali told him the address but in but in the form of dohe of Kabir Das.Kabir ka ghar sikher par, jahan silhili gal.Pav na tikai pipil ka, pandit lade bal.

He went to the Kabir for arguing but Kabir never accepted to argue and given Sarvanand a written of accepting defeat. Sarvanand returned his home and showed that paper of defeat to his mother and suddenly he saw that the statement was opposite. He was greatly influenced by that truth and again returned to the Kashi to the Kabir Math and became the disciple of the Kabir das. He was influenced by such a great level that he never touched any book in his rest life. Later, Sarvanand became famous as Acharya Surtigopal Sahab. He became the head of the Kabir Math after Kabir.

10. How to reach
Siddhapeeth Kabirchaura Math Mulgadi is located in the famous cultural city of the India known as the Varanasi. One can reach to the place by airlines, railway lines or by road. It is located about 18 Km from the Varanasi Airport and about 3 Km from the Varanasi Junction Railway Station.

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