bhai dooj celebration

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The Story Yama & Yamuna

Bhai Dooj Celebration

festival of lights and fire-crackers, sisters all over India get ready for 'Bhai Dooj'.
The Story Yama & Yamuna

As per the Hindu mythology, Bhai Dooj is also known as Yama Dwitiya. The reason behind this is that Yamraj (Lord of Death) visited his sister Yami (Yamuna) on the day of Bhaiya Dooj . Yami put a Tilak (vermilion mark) on Yama forehead and prayed for his well being. In return, Yama presented some gifts to Yamuna, as a token of her prayers and good wishes. Since then, the day of Bhai Dooj holds a great significance for brothers and sisters. Hence, it is believed that if any brother receives a tilak from his sister, he will never face any hurdle throughout his life and post his death.Another legend holds an important association to the festival of Bhai Dooj is Lord Krishna and his sister Subhadra.

Bhai Dooj Celebration
The Story Yama & Yamuna
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