innovative products ideas

Oxygen carbon dioxide level indicators in car

Innovative Products Ideas

Innovative Products Ideas
Oxygen carbon dioxide level indicators in car

System to detect levels of oxygen/ carbon dioxide in the closed car and open windows when oxygen level drops or carbon dioxide level rises, thereby preventing accidental deaths of children or pets locked inside the car. All the students thought about this idea after reading/ hearing news about accidental deaths in cars due to suffocation. Valava, who plays football, has interest in junk art i.e. making useful items from waste and wants to become an entrepreneur so that he can give job to others. Pratyush plays basketball and computer games. He also reads story books, paints and plays keyboard. He wants to become an IAS officer. Bikash, who also plays basketball, believes that he has the capacity to break a bigger problem into small ones and then solve them. He also aspires to be an IAS officer and feels that,

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