benefits of endives

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Alzheimers disease

Benefits of Endives

Alzheimers disease

Medical research indicates that normal consumption of vitamin E, as common in endives, might help avoid the start of Alzheimers disease. Endive or even Escarole is really a traditional, herbaceous leafy plant that is among the Asteraceae family of the genus: Cichorium and it has the medical title of Cichorium endive. Originating from the Mediterranean area, theyve been recognized for thousands of years through the Romans, Greeks as well as Egyptians.

Endive helps in regulating blood sugar levels
What is Endive
Takes Care of Liver and Gall Bladder
Good source of minerals
Treats Scleroderma Successfully
Treats eye complications
Nutrients Found in Belgian Endive
More about Endives
Cures acne
The bitter taste of the Endive
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