handmade valentines day cards

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Hand painted valentined card

Handmade Valentines Day Cards

Express your affection by making your own gifts this Valentine's Day.
Hand painted valentined card

Of all the holidays, Valentine Day seems to scream handmade cards the loudest. Glitter, doilies and lace are the usual suspects for decorating, but why turn to them when you can easily create a sophisticated ombre valentine.With this simple technique, there is no need for vats of dye, oodles of drying time, complicated instructions or any special tools. Using materials as simple as paint, water and gravity, the paint pigment naturally fades and blends as it flows down the card, resulting in a painterly ombre effect without all the fuss. The edges of each card are then gilded so your love shines through the moment the envelope is opened. Paired with a classic roses are red, violets are blue poem and some heart shaped Red Hots to fill the envelope, it is the perfect combination of chic and kitsch. And it handmade. Happy Valentine Day!

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