how to build or rebuild trust

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Keep your word going forward

How To Build or Rebuild Trust

Trust can take a lifetime to build and only a second to lose.
Keep your word going forward

Actions speak louder than words. Trust between two people means that you have to be dependable and consistent over a long period of time.You should make a promise to do better, but a promise or apology alone with only restore trust short term.If you can t be honest in the future, or cannot do all that you promise to do, the person you betrayed will be unable to accept that you have changed or that you are worthy of being trusted again.You should avoid making the same mistake at all costs.

Treat People Fairly And Equally
Do What You Say Youre Going To Do
Expect an emotional reaction from the other person
Consider the persons reaction to the situation
Hold To Your Highest Moral Standard
Assess the situation
Fight Fair
Be Consistent
Keep an eye out for continued deception
Make your life transparent for the other person
Stay patient
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