how to build or rebuild trust

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How To Build or Rebuild Trust

Trust can take a lifetime to build and only a second to lose.
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I fall victim to this often. I ll come back from hanging out with the fellas and my wife will ask how it went and I ll say it was cool. No bueno Why? Because she wants to know more than that. When an opportunity to be vague arises, don t take it. Tell people things they need or want to know. If you begin to provide reliable information they will trust you.

Fight Fair
Expect an emotional reaction from the other person
Make your life transparent for the other person
Embrace Shared Rather Than Personal Goals
Stay patient
Keep your word going forward
Dont Allow Issues To Go Unresolved
Be Positive
Give and receive love
Let the other person vent
Consider the persons reaction to the situation
Keep an eye out for continued deception
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