how to build or rebuild trust

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Assess the situation

How To Build or Rebuild Trust

Trust can take a lifetime to build and only a second to lose.
Assess the situation

Before you can rebuild trust in someone after they betrayed you, you should first ask yourself if the relationship is one you want to salvage. Ask yourself,Is this the first time this person betrayed me?Will I really be able to trust this person again, even if they do everything perfectly from now on?Am I able to forgive?Is the relationship I have with this person important enough to fight for?Is this a one time mistake or a pattern of behavior?

Fight Fair
Dont Allow Issues To Go Unresolved
Embrace Shared Rather Than Personal Goals
Adjust your expectations
Hold To Your Highest Moral Standard
Set Your Expectations
Give and receive love
Consider the persons reaction to the situation
Come clean
Expect an emotional reaction from the other person
Stop Lying
Be A Better Communicator
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