benefits of turnips

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Treatment of Torn Feet

Benefits of Turnips

Treatment of Torn Feet

External use of turnip helps in the treatment of torn feet. For this purpose, you can take about 12 turnips along with their leaves and boil them in water. Before going to bed, soak your feet in this boiled water along with turnips for 10 minutes and also rub some turnips on the torn skin of your feet. Doing this regularly for 3 days will make your feet soft and repair your skin. Turnip leaves will help to eliminate wrinkles on the feet.

Fiber and Calories
Lung Health
Aids in Digestion
Antioxidant Benefits
Turnip Greens as a Goitrogenic Food
WHFoods Recommendations
Weight Loss
Turnips resemble potatoes
Digestive Health
Cancer Prevention
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