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Sant Mirabais union with Shri Krushna


Meera was a Hindu mystic poet and devotee of Krishna. She was one of the most significant Sants.
Sant Mirabais union with Shri Krushna

On Krushnas Janmashtami at the temple of Krushna. There was much happiness all around in the abode of the Lord. The light of the lamps, the sound of the bhajans and the energy from the devotees ecstasy were filling the air. With Tamburi in one hand and cymbals or chipla in the other, the great tapasvini was singing ecstatically with her Gopala smiling in front of her closed eyes. Meera stood up and danced with her song Mere Janama Maran ke sathee, and when the song ended, Kumbha gently approached her and requested her to come back. Meera said, Ranaji, the body is yours and you are a great devotee, but my mind, emotions and the soul are all His. I do not know what use I am to you in this state of mind.

Kumbha was moved and he started singing with her in unison. Meera rose up abruptly, stumbled and fell at the flowers on the feet of Giridhari. Oh, Giridhari, are you calling me, I am coming. Whilst Kumbha and the rest were watching in awe, there was a flash of lightning which enveloped Meera and the sanctum doors closed on their own. When the doors opened again, only Meeras saree was enveloping Shri Krushnas idol and her voice and the flute accompaniment were the only sounds that could be heard.

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