tips to lose weight

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Get Your Hormones Checked

Tips To Lose Weight

Get Your Hormones Checked

So youve followed the previous tips, implemented major lifestyle changes and established that neither medication nor vitamin deficiency is an issue. Youve even tried being in optimal ketosis for a while (ensuring low insulin levels). And you still cant hit the normal weight mark?If this applies to you, its high time to consider the possibility that hormonal imbalances are the cause of your troubles. There are three common problem areas.

Eat Real Food
Add 10 percent to the amount of daily calories you think youre eating
Eat in front of mirrors and youll lose weight
Avoid white foods
Eat nuts and fish
Here s how to enjoy high calorie foods
Eat When Hungry
Get a mantra
Dont eat with a large group
Review Any Medications
Get some sun
Eat three fewer bites of your meal
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