greatest leaders in world

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Helena Morrissey

Greatest Leaders in World

The Most Important Leaders in World History.
Helena Morrissey

While her day job is helming a London firm managing $55 billion in assets, Morrissey is also leading the 30% Club, a campaign to make public company boards in the U.K. 30% female. By convincing (mostly male) chairmen that diverse boards produce superior shareholder returns, the charismatic mother of nine has made progress at home FTSE 100 boards are 24% female, vs. 13% in 2010. Shes now bringing her quest to the U.S., where board diversity has further to go.

Lebron James
Bayan Mahmoud Al Zahran
Bill and Melinda Gates
Helena Morrissey
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Beatrice Mtetwa
Pope Francis
Jeremy Farrar
Xi Jinping
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
Tim Cook
Narendra Modi
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