most extraordinary churches of the world

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Church of St George Lalibela Ethiopia

Most Extraordinary Churches Of The World

Some are amazing and glorify God. Some are just plain wacky. All are interesting.
Church of St George Lalibela Ethiopia

Possibly the most famous of Lalibeli s churches, the Church of St. George is completely carved out of stone in the shape of a cross.

Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira Cundinamarca Colombia
Written Stone Monastery Romania
Third Church of Christ Scientist Washington DC USA
St Basils Cathedral Moscow Russia
Paraportiani Church Mykonos Greece
Sagrada Familia Barcelona Spain
Church with an A Madrid Spain
Trendsetters Church Phoenix AZ USA
Don Justos Self Built Cathedral Mejorada del Campo near Madrid Spain
Chapel in the Rock Arizona USA
Las Lajas Cathedral Colombia South America
Borgund Stave Church
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