costliest video games ever produced

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Red Dead Redemption

Costliest Video Games Ever Produced

Red Dead Redemption

This Rockstars Western epic had an estimated development budget of around $100 Million with over 800 people working on the game at once. The workload was so daunting that a lot of these developers were brought in from other studios which were also owned by parent company Rockstar. It took a massive five years to complete the game development. Red Dead Redemption also had an extensive marketing campaign which included a short film airing on the Fox channel. With its release, Rockstar showed the world that they were capable of much more than just the GTA series.

Costliest Video Games Ever Produced
Final Fantasy VII
Too Humans
Red Dead Redemption
Grand Theft Auto IV
Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2
Star Wars The Old Republic
Shenmue II
Max Payne 3
Grand Theft Auto V
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