benefits of yams

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Increased Cognition

Benefits of Yams

Increased Cognition

The use of wild yam as a treatment for cognitive impairment was recently explored by C. S. Chiu and colleagues at China Medical University in Taiwan and found to be successful. Published in andThe American Journal of Chinese Medicineand in 2009, the study investigated the ability of yam to increase learning and memory capacity in biologically aged subjects. After six weeks of treatment, cognitive abilities were significantly increased by the supplement. The researchers believe the unique antioxidant enzymes of yam are responsible for its neuro-protective effects.

Rich sources of minerals
Source of Antioxidants
Yam is a good source of energy
Safety profile
Supports Female Endocrine System
Comparison to other staple foods
Hydrates Scalp
Studies on Yam
Brain Power
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