benefits of ugli fruits

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Benefits of Ugli fruits


Despite its thick skin, this odd looking fruit is easy to peel. Cut fruit holds an abundant amount of wonderful juice. Possibly addicting, sprinkle halves lightly with sugar and let sit for a minute or two. Scoop out fruit with a serrated spoon. Mix sections in fruit and vegetable salads. To enhance flavor, pair with avocado and, remarkably, sweet onions will bring out its best flavor. Bitter herbs and leaves also love to be near this fruit such as chicory and radicchio. Grapes, bananas and strawberries enjoy its company, too. Great in compotes or gelatin molds. Use grated rind as flavoring. Candy the peel for a sweet snack. Refrigerate only if fruit is not to be used within a couple of days. Refrigerated fruit keeps about three weeks.

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