tips to succeed in an interview

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Two More Things Many Candidates Forget About

Tips to succeed in an Interview

Job search techniques change, the labour market changes and job descriptions change.
Two More Things Many Candidates Forget About

Firstly, nothing wrong with, if you send to the interviewers or at least to the principal interviewer a short mail after the interview and thanking again for the interviews and mentioning that you would be looking forward to receiving their answer. This should be done, however, in a short and nonhyperbolized manner. Secondly, and this is very relevant in case you had not gotten the job, you should contact the company to ask for a personal and detailed feedback of your interview and about your performance. This is very helpful in order to improve for the next interview. In addition, you should reflect on the previous interviews and go through it step by step. Reviewing what went well and not so well. Focus on the improvement areas and write down specific action steps on how to better prepare and execute in the future.

Finish The Interview In Style
Remember your manners
Expect the unexpected
Remember your body language
Research the Target Company
Be positive
Follow up
Be Considerate and Courteous
Plan Your Professional outfit
Be sure you are well groomed
Speak slowly audibly and clearly
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