tips to succeed in an interview

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Tips to succeed in an Interview

Job search techniques change, the labour market changes and job descriptions change.

Many firms require a psychological test, or a series of such tests, as part of the application procedure. The tests most commonly used are those that indicate intelligence or general aptitude. In addition, some firms use tests that give them information on specific aptitudes, personality traits, and interest patterns.
If you are a recent school graduate, you are probably used to taking tests. But if you have been away from school for some years, you may be apprehensive about the testing process. You may fear that your test scores will not reflect your real ability to do a job. Dont let tests scare you off. None of the commonly used tests require advance preparation; you need not feel concerned over not having crammed the night before.

Follow up
Be positive
Making an impression
Stay OpenMinded Positive And Always Engaged
Remember your body language
Be prepared
Ask Questions
Give a smile to everyone
Be Yourself And Do Not Pretend
Know Your interviewer
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