tips to succeed in an interview

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Plan your journey

Tips to succeed in an Interview

Job search techniques change, the labour market changes and job descriptions change.
Plan your journey

It is astounding how many people turn up late for an interview, because they got lost. Know the address, print out a map and if possible do a trial run so you know exactly how long it will take to get there. Always take the main reception telephone number with you, in case of an emergency, and give yourself plenty of time.
Once the interview itself arrives, make sure you follow the lead of the interviewer. Dont try to use all the examples you have, just keep to the point and ensure your answers are relevant. An interview isnt all about being reactive. Try to get the interviewer to tell you what skills they are looking for early on and make a mental note of any information that they give you. This way you can tailor your answers accordingly and ensure you say what they want to hear.

Exude confidence
Advice on asking questions
Remember your body language
Dont waffle
Know the basics
Be Yourself And Do Not Pretend
Make a list
Ask Questions
Speak slowly audibly and clearly
Answering difficult interview questions
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