rules to play kickball

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Rules to play Kickball


A count of three 3 outs by a team completes the teams half of the inning.
An out is:
a. a count of three 3 strikes or four 4 fouls.
b. any kicked ball fair or foul that is caught by a fielder. Any part of the ball may incidentally touch the ground during the act of catching and still be ruled an out if the fielder first displays full control of the ball and maintains control after touching the ground
c. a Force Out, being the tag by any part of a fielders body of a base to which a runner is forced to run, before the runner arrives at the base, while the fielder has control of the ball. The ball may be touching the ground if the fielder displays full control of the ball while simultaneously tagging the base
d. a runner touched by the ball or who touches the ball at any time while not on base while the ball is in play.
e. a kicker or runner that interferes with the ball.

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