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Ayurvedic Medicine


Pomegranate (E), Anar (fruit) (H), Anardana (seeds) (H):

This beautiful red fruit is famed for its taste as well as being a fertility symbol. It specifically balances an acidic digestion, nourishes the heart and balances levels of oestrogen.

Digestion The sweet juice of the fruit is a wonderful cooling drink for soothing an inflamed stomach and intestines. It is a specific for hyperacidity and the resulting nausea. Its mild astringency helps to slow the movement of vata and alleviates any excess pitta. The rind is a fine astringent that will bind a loose bowel very quickly. It is a common folk remedy for dysentery with bleeding and mucus. It also kills parasites; it is a specific for tapeworms, pinworms and roundworms. The dry, roasted seeds are a great benefit to those with an excessive appetite, tiksnagni, as they help to balance the excess pitta (Lad 1998). Heart As a wonderful cordial herb it strengthens the heart. Its affinity for the blood helps to nourish rakta dhatu. Its sweet and astringent qualities are beneficial in bleeding anywhere in the circulatory system. Reproduction Pomegranates are a well-known aphrodisiac. They benefit the semen (sŽukrala) via the plasma or rasa dhatu. The decoction of the rind can be used as a douche in leucorrhoea. There is recent interest in using pomegranates to treat prostate problems including BPH and prostatic cancer. Menopause Pomegranates are useful for maintaining healthy levels of oestrogen as they contain small amounts of estrone. Eat the fresh fruit, juice or seeds regularly during menopause. The sweet flavour can help to cool sensations of burning and flushing. Nerves The beneficial effect of the fruit on majja dhatu helps to nourish the brain and nervous system.

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