rules to play shuffleboard

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How To Play With 2 Players

Rules to play Shuffleboard

How To Play With 2 Players

To start a game, both players stand at the same end of the shuffleboard. Players toss a coin or otherwise choose who shall shoot first Weight, and what color Weights each shall have (it is a n advantage to shoot last).The first player slides his her first Weight toward the opposite end of the board, which becomes the scoring end. His Her opponent then shoots his her first Weight in a similar manner, attempting either to knock off the other player s first Weight, or to outdistance it. The two players continue shooting their Weights alternately, until all eight Weights have been shuffled. When this has been done, one round of play has been completed.

The player who s leading Weight is farthest down the board (away from the players) is the winner of the round. The winner s score is then totaled and registered on the scoreboard.The players then proceed to the opposite end of the shuffleboard, where the Weights are now resting. Another round of play is begun in exactly the same manner as described above, from this end of the board, with the winner of the previous round shooting first Weight. The game continues for as many rounds as are necessary, until one player has scored 15 points (or some still play to 21 points) to win the game.

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