ayurvedic medicine

Pit Shirisha

Ayurvedic Medicine

Pit Shirisha

Shirish (H), Siris (H):

The bark of this tree is renowned for strengthening the lungs and clearing mucus accumulations from the lymph and lungs. It is a potent antiallergenic herb.

Lungs Its affinity for pranavahasrotas benefits asthma of the vata–kapha variety—a wet, damp cough with wheezing, worse in the morning and evening. Its ´sirovirecana action helps in reducing allergic reactions in the head such as allergic rhinitis, hayfever and asthma in atopic individuals. Human clinical trials attest to its efficacy in early-onset asthma. Skin Its antiallergic, anti-inflammatory and pitta-reducing effect is beneficial in atopic and allergic conditions; eczema, urticaria, dermatitis. This is by virtue of its affinity for rasa and rakta dhatu. It is a specific for itching and suppurating inflammations. Lymph It helps to reduce swellings in the lymphatic system and clears kapha from the plasma tissue.

Safed Musali
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