the summer vacation tips

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Go to a camp and learn something new

The Summer Vacation Tips

Go to a camp and learn something new

If you have always loved basketball, why not try swimming, rock climbing, or even art as a summer camp? If you love languages, why not try learning sign language? Learn to write, draw, bind books, make photo albums, knit ... the list goes on and on. Try something new and different, something that you know nothing whatsoever about, and you will gain a new skill and possibly find a lifelong love. Another upside is that you have a lot of time to practice and put your skill to use!

Do it anywhere
Try the local specialty
Eat before the airport
Take a cooking class
Stash food
Pack snacks
Go to a camp and learn something new
Save space for treats
Always have a first aid kit handy for small emergencies
Join a volunteer group of some sort
Free your mind
summer vacation tips
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