the supercars

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Zenvo ST1 233mph

The Supercars

A supercar is a very expensive and high performance sports car or grand toure.
Zenvo ST1 233mph

Can you name a Danish sports car manufacturer? Try Zenvo. The company makes the ST1 a ?1.15 million, carbonfibrebodied 233mph missile. That top speed comes courtesy of a 1,250hp 7.0litre twincharged thats supercharged and turbocharged V8 engine.

Wysstec Leblanc Mirabeau 230mph
W Motors Lykan Hypersport 245mph
Beck LM 800 217mph
Hennessey Venom F5 290mph plus
Gemballa Mirage GT 208mph
Rapier SL C 222mph
Tramontana 202mph
Covini C3A 190mph
Faralli and Mazzanti Evantra 200mph plus
Arrinera Hussarya 224mph
Zenvo ST1 233mph
Panoz Abruzzi 200mph plus
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