new year party game ideas

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True or false

New Year Party Game Ideas

Plan a rocking New year party 2015 on the new years eve and make it a memorable day for everyone.
True or false


Game Sheet (see below)
Writing Utensils
To Play

Create a game sheet that includes the name of each guest along with 2 3 statements that can be true or false next to each name. Give each person a game sheet about an hour into the evening. Next to each statement, have them write either write true or false. The person who answers the most statements correctly wins a prize. When everyone has handed in their papers, tally up the true and false votes, too. Its pretty funny to see what others think is true.

Fun photos
Kiss countdown
Pass the Orange
Pass it on
Find your prediction
Guess the month
Find your song
New years eve scramble
New years champagne race
Who wins a prize
New years secret stash
Month guessing
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