rules to play croquet

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Handicap play

Rules to play Croquet

Handicap play

If you are playing a game between players of different ability, it is possible to use a handicap system. With this, the weaker player is awarded a number of extra turns, which may be used at any point during the game following a normal turn. In the extra turn, the player must continue to strike the same ball he was using in the preceding turn. The number of extra turns required may be set after some experimentation to give the fairest chance to both sides. Extra turns are often marked with white sticks at the edge of the lawn, which are pulled out as each extra turn is used, but any markers will do.

Handicap play
Optional accessories
Longer game
Starting deadness
Time limit game
The Wickets and Stakes
Blocked at a Wicket by a Dead Ball
Time limits
Out of Bounds Play
Size of court
Object of the game
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