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HIV antibody testing is unreliable

Myth about AIDS

A person is considered to have developed AIDS when the immune system is so weak.
HIV antibody testing is unreliable

HIV antibody tests exceed the performance of most other infectious disease tests in both sensitivity (the ability of the screening test to give a positive finding when the person tested truly has the disease) and specificity (the ability of the test to give a negative finding when the subjects tested are free of the disease under study). Many current HIV antibody tests have sensitivity and specificity in excess of 96% and are therefore extremely reliableProgress in testing methodology has enabled detection of viral genetic material, antigens, and the virus itself in bodily fluids and cells. While not widely used for routine testing due to high cost and requirements in laboratory equipment, these direct testing techniques have confirmed the validity of the antibody tests

HIV and AIDS are only caused through sex
AIDS is a gay disease
If I or my partner were HIV positive we could not have children
You cant get HIV from oral sex
HIV from mosquitoes
AIDS can be cured
Straight women only get HIV because their men are on the down low
HIV positive individuals can be detected by their appearance
HIV survives for only a short time outside the body
Getting tested for HIV is pointless
HIV will progress to AIDS and the person will die soon
HIV/AIDS is a chronic manageable disease
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