myth about aids

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HIV/AIDS is a chronic manageable disease

Myth about AIDS

A person is considered to have developed AIDS when the immune system is so weak.
HIV/AIDS is a chronic manageable disease

HIV/AIDS is a chronic manageable disease. However, unlike HIV/AIDS, having diabetes does not have nearly as much stigma attached to it. HIV stigma is any feeling of disgrace/shame/dirtiness associated with someone who is HIV positive. People with HIV are often met with violence, legal action, job loss, betrayal from former partners and more

People who have HIV cannot have sex with people who do not have HIV
Nothing to worry about becoming HIV positive new drugs will keep me well
HIV and AIDS are only caused through sex
You have to take 100 persent of your doses or else the drugs stop working
If I or my partner were HIV positive we could not have children
You can get AIDS by kissing an HIV infected person
Im straight and dont use IV drugs I wont become HIV positive
You cant get HIV from oral sex
I could tell if my partner was HIV positive
Im HIV positive my life is over
Sexual intercourse with an animal will avoid or cure AIDS
HIV survives for only a short time outside the body
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