myth about aids

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HIV will progress to AIDS and the person will die soon

Myth about AIDS

A person is considered to have developed AIDS when the immune system is so weak.
HIV will progress to AIDS and the person will die soon

Antiretroviral treatments can stop the various AIDS like conditions from manifesting for years. If the drug procedure is continued the viral load in the blood is undetectable and the person will not exhibit any AIDS like diseases. Regular medication will prevent the HIV strain from affecting the resistance of the body HIV only progresses to AIDS if left untreated

ARVs disfigure you
I can get ADIS
Nothing to worry about becoming HIV positive new drugs will keep me well
People who have HIV cannot have sex with people who do not have HIV
HIV can be spread through casual contact with an HIV infected individual
Being HIV positive means you can t do certain things like be a nurse or parent
Current drugs are so strong that you can stop taking them with no problem
Sexual intercourse with an animal will avoid or cure AIDS
Sexual intercourse with a virgin will cure AIDS
Straight women only get HIV because their men are on the down low
AIDS is genocide
HIV is the same as AIDS
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