myth about airplanes

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Hole in the Plane Can Suck In

Myth about Airplanes

Airplane travel may be commonplace these days,but myths and rumors abound about modern flight.
Hole in the Plane Can Suck In

However this is not how a hole behaves. It creates a decompression, as the barrier between the different pressure levels has been broken. After the decompression it s pretty safe, unless you stand too close to the hole.

Feeding the staff
Medication should be checked with luggage to keep it safe
An emergency door on a plane is easy to open
Do airplanes run out of food
Higher octane is always better
Air in the Oxygen Masks Can Get You High
Open all the windows during takeoff and landing
You should sit still in your seat to avoid bothering your neighbor
Hole in the Plane Can Suck In
Never drink water from the lavatory
Airlines clean the aircraft between flights
The most dangerous health hazard in the air is the cabin air itself
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