baskteball shoes of all time

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Tracy McGrady

Baskteball Shoes Of All Time

Lately, professional athletes and their signature shoes have infiltrated the fashion world like a pl
Tracy McGrady

Adidas T Mac 2 Tracy McGrady could have been a truly special player but never could get out of the first round of the playoffs. He did however put out a special pair of shoes in 2002. The Adidas T Mac 2s were all the hype in the early 2000s and worn by a number of players around the league, along with thousands of fans.

Carmelo Anthony
Lebron James
Shaquille O neal
Penny Hardaway
Michael Jordan Air Jordan XI
Jason Kidd
Tracy McGrady
Michael Jordan 1987 Air Jordan III
Kevin Garnett
Shawn Kemp
Paul George
ALLEN IVERSON 1996 Reebok Question
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