most reliable cars in history

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Jeep Cherokee

Most Reliable Cars in History

Jeep Cherokee

Model years: 19872001,Were going to make an exception to our notrucks rule for the Jeep Cherokee. For one thing, its not really a truck. As the first small crossover SUV in the U.S., it did not have traditional bodyonframe construction. Despite that, and despite being the last gasp of the dying American Motors Corporation, it did have Jeep toughness in its DNA and a wellproven, durable straight6 engine. Many Cherokees are still roaming Americas secondary roadsand Europe as well, in a turbodiesel variant. That comes with a caveat, notes Edmunds Drury. It will drive, he says, but is everything working? Probably not. A window might not go down, or a speaker might be out. For owners willing to put up with those sorts of niggling problems (or fix them themselves), the Jeep Cherokee can be an interesting combination of a vehicle that will go just about anywhereand keep doing so for a long time.

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