good things you can do for your body

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Fry and saute Veggies in olive oil

Good Things you can do for your Body

Fry and saute Veggies in olive oil

This may seem nonsensical from a nutritional standpoint, but frying andsaut eing vegetables is better for you,according to a newstudyfrom the University of Granada. By cooking veggiesin extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) you increase the presence of dietary phenols. These are the compounds said to ward off cancer, promote healthy aging, and have antioxidant effects since they capture free radicals before they can cause damage in your body, which can prevent diseases like diabetes and macular degeneration later on in life. Boiling (which is what you re probably doing now) causes essential vitamins to leach out into the water.

Eat 7 Serving of produce
Stop yo yo dieting
Take Probiotics
Weigh yourself daily
Eat a protein packed breakfast
Stop Smoking cigs and hookah
Strenththen your lower back
Wear Sunglasses
Schedule Weekly Cheat meals
Warm Up Befor Workout
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