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Learn how to juggle

How to Play Soccer For Beginners


Learn how to juggle

Juggling is very hard to master but an important part of the game. Truth be told, you won t need to juggle very often in a game, but knowing how to juggle does several things:

  • It helps you control a ball that s coming at you from the air. Not all passes are on the ground. The ones that aren t will need to be intercepted and controlled by some form of juggling.

  • Juggling helps improve your touch on the ball. If you know how to juggle your touch on the ball becomes a lot more sensitive. Your first touch on the ball is extremely important in soccer.

  • Juggling will help you use both feet better. Learning how to juggle is an exercise is using your non dominant foot better. The best soccer players in the world can use both feet as dominant feet.

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