effective exercises you can do anywhere

Effective Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

No matter if you're at work, at home, or on the go, these simple exercises.
1. Divebombers
Muscles worked chest, shoulders, triceps, hamstrings, lower back Although regular pushups have their merits, and they are certainly on this list, we start off with one of their more intense variations divebombers. Often done in the military, this exercise requires you to start in a piked position (above far right). You then lower your nose to the ground while maintain your arched position (above middle). Right before your nose hits the floor flatten yourself out as if you are trying to slide under a bar and keeping your hips low to the ground drive your head upwards until you are looking straight ahead. Finally, do everything in reverse until you are back at the starting position. That was one divebomber pushup.
2. Bear Crawls
While this may not be the best workout to do in your hotel room, thats what hallways are for (at least until someone calls the police). The risk is worth it though, as this dynamic exercise works everything from your shoulders to your quads. And the best part? Its easy to explain just get on all fours and start crawling as fast as you can. But remember, these arent baby crawlstheyre bear crawls, and bears dont crawl with their knees on the ground (at least were pretty sure).
3. Table Rows
Muscles worked back, biceps, abs Okay, so this is the first of several exercises on this list that you cant really do anywhere. Depending on your level of creativity though you can get pretty close. All you need is a table, a low bar, or something else you can slide under and hold onto. Now, just like in the image above, pull yourself upwards towards the tabletop. Rows are a very effective back exercise and this is probably the closest youll get to doing them on the road.
4. Lunges
Muscles worked quads, glutes, hamstrings This is probably one of the best leg workouts you are going to get without a gym and luckily its pretty straightforward. All you have to do is take a large step with one foot and bend your knee to a 90 degree angle (as in the image above). Although you can walk forward with each lunge you dont have to. You can stay in the same spot if you want and just keep switching legs. Heck, you could even do these in the shower.
5. 1 Leg Wallsit
Muscles worked quads If you are anywhere near a wall then you have all you need to destroy your quadriceps with this intense exercise. There isnt much to explain, but if you cant do one leg, do two.
6. Jumping Jacks
Muscles worked calves, hip abductors, hip adductors While there is probably no need get into the how of jumping jacks, as we assume everyone is at least familiar with the mechanics, unfortunately familiarity breeds contempt and this workout is often overlooked due to its percieved simplicity. It can be an amazing warm up though, and if you are having trouble finding space to run jog, a thousand jumping jacks make for an excellent cardio workout.
7. Pull Ups
Muscles worked lats, traps, biceps, rhomboids, deltoids Depending on your grip (overhand, underhand, spread) you are essentially working out your entire back. Like table rows, however, this exercise requires something for you to grab.
8. Calf Raises
Muscles worked calves Not surprisingly this exercise targets one muscle your calves. You dont need much space to do it but if you can find a slight ledge, as in the image above, it will allow you to have a greater range of motion.
9. Shoulder Circles
Muscles worked deltoids Although at first glance this exercise may seem trivial, beggars cant be choosers. If you want to work out your shoulders without a gym you need to improvise. Besides, after the thousands shoulder circles we guarantee you that youll feel it. If you dont though, put something in your hands.
10. Box Jumps
Muscles worked quads, calves, hamstrings This is a dynamic exercise that only requires an elevated surface. Once you figure that part out youre ready to break a serious sweat. Just jump up onto the box park bench bed etc. and then jump down again. Repeat this until your lower body is destroyed.

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