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Correct Nearsightedness without Glasses

Daily Health Tips

Correct Nearsightedness without Glasses

Here is a surprising remedy for short sight: Sun gazing: Sit on a bench facing the sun with your eyes closed and gently sway sideways several times for 18 minutes. Open the eyes and blink about ten times at the sun and look at some greenery. This helps nearsightedness and is good for inflamed eyes. Also helpful is the procedure called palming: 1. Rub both palms together quickly for 8-10 seconds. This friction creates a mild heat. 2. Close the eyes and gently place the left palm over the left eye and the right palm over the right eye for one minute. Do not press the eyeballs with the palms, just let them gently rest there. Breathe in and out slowly to release stress. 3. Repeat 2-3 times. 4. Other poses that strengthen the eyes include the Bhujangasana (snake pose), Surya Namaskara (sun salutes), and Shavasana (rest pose).

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