weird and wild cutting edge security threats

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New tech new bugs new headaches

Weird and wild cutting edge Security Threats

New tech new bugs new headaches

When you think of security vulnerabilities, the first thing that likely comes to your mind are flaws in Windows or apps like Adobe Reader that let hackers wreak havoc on your PC. But computers are everywhere these days, and with more computers come more security headaches. Join us as we look at ten hacks and vulnerabilities that take threats to the next level. Somehow, things have gotten even crazier since our last look at shocking security exploits.

Malware gets into your BIOS
Malware that uses sound to jump air gaps
USB Killer kills PCs dead
WireLurker takes aim at Macs iPhones
When good flash drives go bad
Computers and guns dont mix
Hacked electric skateboard makes riders eat pavement
Your GPU A future malware target
New tech new bugs new headaches
Tech makes for a home security headache
Hackers crack the car
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