weird and wild cutting edge security threats

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Computers and guns dont mix

Weird and wild cutting edge Security Threats

Computers and guns dont mix

TrackingPoint makes a series of sensor packed computer assisted rifles that can make you a more accurate shot. At this year s DEFCON and Black Hat conferences in Las Vegas, security researchers Runa Sandvik and Michael Auger demonstrated how one of TrackingPoint s rifles can be hacked. The pair exploited a flaw in the gun's systems via its built in Wi Fi access point, to redirect shots away from the intended target and potentially toward something or someone else. TrackingPoint responded to the hack, saying, Since your gun does not have the ability to connect to the Internet, the gun can only be compromised if the hacker is actually physically with you. You can continue to use Wi Fi (to download photos or connect to ShotView) if you are confident no hackers are within 100 feet. OK then.

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Computers and guns dont mix
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