school lunch tips

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Hard boil a bunch of eggs at the beginning of the week

School Lunch Tips

These new school lunch ideas, from sandwiches to snacks to hot meals.
Hard boil a bunch of eggs at the beginning of the week

They re an easy, prep free way to add protein to your kid s lunch, and will keep fine in the fridge. Pack with a little container of salt and pepper for dipping.

You can also freeze a clean wet sponge to use as an icepack
A lunch box with divided compartments cuts down
Freeze drinks the night before and theyll double as ice packs
Make a big batch of PB and J sandwiches in advance and freeze them
Make lunches at night not in the morning
Cookie cutters are also a great way to jazz up fruit or cheese
Fill up reusable food pouches with homemade smoothies
Mix homemade food with pre packaged snacks
Print out this list of ideas
If you want to add a cute note but dont have time to draw something
Give food cute faces with stickers
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