school lunch tips

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Most kids love peanut butter

School Lunch Tips

These new school lunch ideas, from sandwiches to snacks to hot meals.
Most kids love peanut butter

Most kids love peanut butter, so just send them to school with a bunch of different things to dip in it.

Make a big batch of PB and J sandwiches in advance and freeze them
Most kids love peanut butter
A lunch box with divided compartments cuts down
Rice or Pasta
Use cookie cutters to cut sandwiches into fun shapes
Make a snack station for your kids to choose from
Fill up reusable food pouches with homemade smoothies
Cookie cutters are also a great way to jazz up fruit or cheese
Mix homemade food with pre packaged snacks
Make your own healthier Lunchables
Make lunches at night not in the morning
If you want to add a cute note but dont have time to draw something
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