precautions while using centrifuge

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Centrifuge Safety Guide

Precautions while using Centrifuge

these procedures for working with a centrifuge safely.
Centrifuge Safety Guide

Centrifugation may present two serious hazards: mechanical failure and dispersion of aerosols. This fact sheet describes safety and maintenance procedures to minimize centrifuge hazards. Use of centrifuges by new users must be closely supervised by the employee responsible for each centrifuge until he/she is satisfied that unsupervised usage of the instrument is safe. All users must be familiar with the safety procedures for all of the centrifuges that they use, including proper load selection, balancing and maintenance of rotor where necessary.

Centrifuging infectious materials or human samples
Maintenance Procedures for Centrifuges
Centrifuge Safety
Wear a face shield and or safety goggles
General Before centrifugation
Discard any centrifuge tubes that have cracks in them
Centrifuge rotors
Warrantie details
Centrifuge tubes
Balance the tubes in the rotor
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