precautions while using centrifuge

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General Safety Measures

Precautions while using Centrifuge

these procedures for working with a centrifuge safely.
General Safety Measures

Centrifuges are instruments with strong potential for harming users due to the high speed at which they operate: mechanical failure of the rotor can result in injury, even death; and sample container breakage can generate aerosols that are harmful to inhale. Thus, it is very important to act safely when using and maintaining these instruments.

The work surface must be level and firm
Centrifuge maintenance log User
A laboratory centrifuge
Centrifuge Safety Guide
Know your rotors and maintain a log book
General Before centrifugation
A ThermoFisher laboratory bench top centrifuge
Safety in different case
Centrifuge tubes
Warrantie details
Do not bump jar or move the centrifuge while the rotor is spinning
Low speed centrifuges
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