how to play soccer for beginners

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Get comfortable heading the ball

How to Play Soccer For Beginners

Get comfortable heading the ball

Try hitting the ball with your head right where your hair meets your forehead. Do not use the top of your head! When getting ready to head the ball, don t lift your head back; move your upper torso back instead. This will give you more power and won t strain your neck as much.

Know that kickoff starts the game and the beginning of the second half
Learn how to juggle
Learn how to defend
Understand throw ins
Understand the object of the game
How to Receive or Trap a Soccer Ball Without Pressure
How to Juggle a Soccer Ball
Think about moving off the ball
Learn how to use your non dominant foot
Know the grounds for a yellow card
Understand offside
How to Receive or Trap a Soccer Ball With Pressure
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