crazy facts about the universe

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Quasar I hardly know her

Crazy Facts About The Universe

Crazy Facts about Space, Planets and Universe.
Quasar I hardly know her

Quasars are the things that happen when gases within black holes start moving around super fast and emitting heat and light. Theres this huge group of quasars though that is over 4 billion lightyears wide and completely contradicts scientific theory on

Circle of life
There May Be More Universes
The Alcoholic Space Cloud
Raspberry and rum flavored space
You Can Never Use The Past To Predict The Future
Quasar I hardly know her
Electrons Colliding At The Edge Of The Universe Affect Us On Earth Instantaneously
The Big Dipper is not a constellation
Galileo s Theory of Spacial Relativity
The Universal Speed Limit
Most Of The Universe Appears To Be Missing
All 6 Billion People On Earth Can Fit Inside An Orange
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