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Ayurvedic Medicine


Indian spikenard (E):

Jatamamsi means 'whose flesh is like a dreadlock'; it is known as jatamamsi because its roots resemble the matted hair of the Himalayan ascetics. It has a superb rejuvenating effect on the mind. It is a sought-after nervous relaxant and antispasmodic.

Nerves Hysteria, nervousness, epilepsy, Parkinson's disease and insomnia. It cools and nourishes a 'hot' and 'exhausted' nervous system; clears pitta, calms vata, reduces kapha. By virtue of its benefiting majja dhatu-agni it enhances the intellect and induces mental clarity. Its 'penetrating quality' is useful in clearing headaches and 'muzzy' head syndrome. Heart Palpitations, angina, essential hypertension . When vata pushes pitta it causes it to rush in the channels and this is especially aggravating to the sites pitta can influence, hence the connection between the heart, the blood and pitta, causing palpitations. Digestion Digestive cramps, borborygmus, flatulence, bloating and vata constipation with dry, hard and gaseous stool. It relaxes the bowel and encourages peristalsis inhibited by tension. Its aromatic nature 'dries' ama and kapha and helps to circulate samana vayu. Gynaecology Jatamamsi's penetrating and warm quality is useful in dysmenorrhoea with dragging pain, ovarian discomfort, lower abdominal distension and pain. Lungs Helpful in spasmodic cough, asthma, whooping cough; high vata–kapha lung problems. Hair It has a special use for promoting hair growth, preventing hair loss and greying hair. Skin It is highly valued for skin disorders with a nervous component. It acts on rakta dhatu and via the nervous system, especially beneficial in itching and burning sensations.

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