movies for valentines day

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Fever Pitch

Movies for Valentines Day

Valentine's Day is a great day to catch up on a romantic movie.
Fever Pitch

Now, as he assumes the mantle of The Tonight Show, it may be a good time to finally give Jimmy Fallon his due although his film career has more than its fair share of bad movies Taxi, anyone?, he put together an oddly endearing performance in this underrated, underseen flick. The premise makes you think it will simply be about Fallons character learning that love is more important than his die hard Boston Red Sox obsession, but it ends up having a slightly deeper perspective on issues of vulnerability and abandonment. Fallon is undeniably charming, both funny and sympathetic. Drew Barrymore on the other hand is rather ditzy as the female lead, but compared to some of these other films Fever Pitch is fun, popcorn entertainment. And its a great way to get a sports fan to watch a romantic comedy.

Beauty and the Beast
Two Weeks Notice
The Brothers Bloom
Sweet November
A Walk to Remember
Notting Hill
A Walk in the Clouds
The Way We Were
The Princess Bride
Drinking Buddies
Safety Not Guaranteed
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