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Akbar the Polemic


Akbar also known as Akbar the Great or Akbar I.
Akbar the Polemic

It is widely known that unlike his processors and successors, Akbar was tolerant towards all religions. It is less known that in 1563, Akbar was the king who repealed the law to collect tax from Hindu pilgrims if they visited their holy places. He had a liberal attitude towards all religions. This liberal attitude also helped him a lot in the expansion of his territory. Later, he went on lay the foundation of a new religion Din e Illahi. Although Din e Illahi was not a religion in the true sense of the term since it didnt have any holy book or formal base. He founded this religion to create a unified social order which could transcend the difference based on religion. Din e Illahi was based on the basic principles of the major religions such a Hinduism, Islam and Parsi faith. Though his religion failed and hence, had to be abolished soon. If Akbar could have succeeded in propagating his religion, he could have created a unified social order which could endure differences based on religion.

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