tips for portfolio photography

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Consider Your Target Demographic

Tips for Portfolio Photography

How to quickly and easily build a photography portfolio that will take you from hobbyist.
Consider Your Target Demographic

Your portfolio needs to reflect your target demographic, whether it is a couple looking for a wedding shoot, or an agency looking for a commercial shoot. If your portfolio gives off the wrong image, you wont attract any of the clients you want. Think of a wedding photographers portfolio, typically white, clean, and easy to use. This is suited towards the target demographic of a wedding photographer: typically younger couples sometimes females are in charge of certain decisions with dreams of the perfect wedding. Typically speaking, weddings are full of white, with beautiful flowers and rays of sunshine. If you want to attract wedding clients, you need your portfolio to resemble a wedding. At the same time though, if you primarily shoot fashion photography, chances are you shoot hip, trendy subjects and that is what your target demographic is looking for. Have your portfolio reflect that. It sounds too simple to over think, but youd be surprised what some people surround their best work in.

Emphasize the contact information
Paper vs Digital
Choosing the Shots
Donandts for Photography Portfolios
Easy Steps On How To Create A Good Photography Portfolio
Get an experts opinion then be prepared to throw it out
Who will look at your portfolio
What should be in a photography portfolio
Choose an appropriate carrier for the portfolio that can be assembled in a myriad of methods
Think of the number of images
Provide Details with Each Photo
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