tips to get ready for college

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The Laundry Is Piling Up

Tips to get ready for College

A school is an institution designed for the teaching of students .
The Laundry Is Piling Up

Mom is not coming to collect your dirty clothes, so unless you want to smell like a skunk in a trunk, you will have to learn how to operate a washer and dryer. Follow the directions on the laundry soap containers and never overload the machines. In addition, be sure to wait out your laundry cycles keeping an eye on your clothes or your wardrobe may disappear from the dryer and end up on eBay. Pros: You will have fresh socks each week that match Cons: You will need to schedule a laundry day

Keep Your Love Interest Options Opened
Schedule a meeting with your high school counselor
Research various schools
Save your money
Know that you may need help from time to time
Start taking responsibility for own medications
Try waking up on your own
Study for your exams
Do your own laundry
Take a Small Canister Vacuum
Join the family fun in the kitchen
Stay away from home overnight
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