tips to get ready for college

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Schedule a meeting with your high school counselor

Tips to get ready for College

A school is an institution designed for the teaching of students .
Schedule a meeting with your high school counselor

Your counselor provides you with free assistance to help guide you toward making the best choices for your future. He or she can also help to provide you with application fee waivers to the colleges you wish to apply to if you qualify for them. Remember that your counselor is not there to make decisions for you, but is simply used as a tool to help you, help yourself. A counselor is such a valuable resource, said Goldberg.Whether you want to set-up a meeting with your family or on your own, we can provide you with up-to-date information on colleges. We can make you aware of college visits to the high schools and most of us set-up workshops for college applications and the FAFSA. We also have updated information on local scholarships because agencies usually send that information directly to the counseling office.Counselors are not only helpful, but can act as an excellent contributor to your academic support group. In high school, my high school counselor was almost like my best friend, said Mike Sessions, a Mass Communications major with an emphasis on TV and Video Production at California State University, San Bernardino. Had I not met with her and listened to her advice, I would have been lost in trying to figure out this whole college thing. Not only was she the key to mentoring me, she also pushed me to go harder academically. While counselors are very useful, you should still always take the time to figure out what works best for you, apart from what everyone else thinks or says. All students should have a counselor in whom they trust to help motivate and inspire them throughout their academic career,

Try waking up on your own
Stay away from home overnight
Contact schools and college
Submit your and apply for scholarships
Help with the family grocery shopping trip
Do not let rejection hold you back
Be open
Teach yourself life skills you
Save your money
The Laundry Is Piling Up
Think about what you will do with your free time
Start taking responsibility for own medications
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