precaution while using lpg

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Allow clear access to your property

Precaution while using LPG

The following precautions must be taken while using LPG cylinder.
Allow clear access to your property

If we cant get access to your property, we may not be able to deliver your LPG. If there are any dogs, goats or crocodiles about (were looking at you, Darwin customers!) make sure theyre restrained and let us know in advance so we can make a note for any future deliveries.Gates should also be left unlocked, and anything blocking access to your LPG installation will need to be cleared.

We should not use any open flames
Should not keep any hot flames
Call Fire Department immediately
Before Usage
Comparison with natural gas
What to do when LPG is on fire
Do not use unflued LPG appliances in bedrooms
Safety Tips for Home 1
After Usage
Single cylinder
Proper storage of LPG cylinders
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