road safety tips

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School Children Crossing the road

Road Safety Tips

Take these precautions to protect yourself when you're walking and running outside.
School Children Crossing the road

When crossing between vehicles parked on the side of the road, remember that you are invisible to the moving traffic so stop and look for a safe crossing zone. By this way the oncoming driver can see you and stop the vehicle when required. Running across the road is a bad idea, as you may slip and fall.

Heavy Vehicle Drivers Be cautious
Cyclists Wear protective gear
Car Drivers Carry important documents
School Children Follow the traffic lights
Car Drivers Night vision
Motorcyclists Avoid quick maneuvering
Car Drivers Wear seat belts
Car Drivers Don t use the phone
Cyclists Follow the traffic lights
Motorcyclists Always wear protective gear
Motorcyclists Be cautious
Motorcyclists Never drink and drive
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