benefits of oregano

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Ornamental Varieties

Benefits of Oregano

Ornamental Varieties

Gardeners use some oregano varieties as ornamental plants. Hopflower oregano (Origanum libanoticum) is a primarily ornamental variety that is hardy to USDA zone 4b. Its lavender bracts resemble hop flowers, and its trailing growth habit makes it an attractive landscape plant. Other ornamental oregano varieties include Origanum vulgaris Heiderose, which has pink flowers and grows up to 3 feet tall, and Origanum vulgaris Compactum, which is a dark green ground cover. Origanum vulgaris Aureum is a ground cover that produces mild tasting, yellow leaves.

Vaginal yeast infections
Fiber Full
Psoriasis and eczema
Potent Anti Oxidant Activity
Its not for everyone
Eases Discomfort
It tastes terrible
Nail fungus
Fight against antibiotic resistance
Viral Attacks Herpes Hepatitis or Shingles
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