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Success Tips For Students

Work to Your Strengths
Develop a Strong Work Ethic
Plan Ahead
Make Connections
Take Care of Your Body Mind and Spirit
Control Their Calendars
Successful Students Prioritize
Take Care of Themselves
Like all exceptionally great students
Do your homework
Be prepared
Get organized
Start to read a little more
Dont put off work for later
Are responsible and active
Have educational goals
Ask questions
Learn that a student and a professor make a team
Dont sit in the back
Take good notes
Understand that actions affect learning
Talk about what theyre learning
Dont cram for exams
Are good time managers
Try not to do too much studying at one time
Plan specific times for studying
Try to study at the same times each day
Start studying when planned
Tell their friends not to call them during their study times
Know your strengths
Utilize Campus Career Resources
Get Involved
Take responsibility
Understand the marking scheme
Develop communication skills
Develop good study habits
Be prepared for classes
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