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Ghostly noise

Science Experiments Ideas

101 Science Experiments Ideas ,Fun Science Experiments for Kids - Cool Projects & Easy Ideas.
Ghostly noise
Fill a wineglass to overflowing with dried peas, pour in water up to the brim, and place the glass on a metal lid. The pea heap becomes slowly higher and then a clatter of falling peas begins, which goes on for hours.
This is again an osmotic process. Water penetrates into the pea cells through the skin and dissolves the nutrients in them. The pressure thus formed makes the peas swell. In the same way the water necessary for life penetrates the walls of all plant cells, stretching them. If the plant obtains no more water, its cells become flabby and it wilts.

Sun clock
Fire extinguisher
The sun brings life
Bleached rose
World time clock
Sugar fire
Destroyed metal
Transfer pictures
Burning iron
Rising sap
Graphite Conductor
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