rules to play kayaking

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Paddle Use

Rules to play Kayaking

Paddle Use

Yu can use yur paddle t blck a pass r sht, r retrieve a ball flating n the water.It is an illegal paddle ful t : Strike any part f an ppnents bdy with yur paddle. Thrw the paddle. Wind up and swing at the ball with the paddle. Retrieve a flating ball with yur paddle if smene is als reaching fr it with their hands. Blck within arms reach f a player wh has the ball (s that their hand culd strike yur paddle when thrwing). Push r brace ff f anther players bat with yur paddle r hands (even t stp yurself frm flipping, althugh we are mre casual abut this rule fr new players). In general use the paddle in such a way that yu might hit smene with it, s when in dubt play the ball with yur hands.

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Paddle Use
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