kriya yoga

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Benefits of Kriya Yoga

Kriya Yoga

Kriya Yoga is described by its practitioners as the ancient Yoga system.
Benefits of Kriya Yoga

Calmness of mind, inner peace and the stilling of the internal chatterbox
An ability to be in the present moment rather than in the past or future
Enhancement of ones concentration and focusing abilities
Release of anxiety and stress, lessening of orry.
Transformation of negative emotions into more positive energy
Transformation of negative and toxic emotions such as anger, resentment and worry
Improvement of physical health, healing of longheld physical ailments
Increased flexibility and toning stretching of muscles
Increased flexibility of the spine and vertebrae
Muscle relaxation and unwinding of the fascia (connective tissue)
Improvement and expansion of breathing ability
Toning of the major internal organs (liver, stomach, spleen, kidneys, colon etc)
Spiritual and overall
A greater sense of life enjoyment
An increased sense of hope and faith in the world
The ability to let go of old patterns of hopelessness and despair
Increased compassion and understanding for other people and their problems
An increased desire to be of service to humanity, friends, family and colleagues
A greater understanding of the meaning of life and why we are here
An understanding of your life purpose
Ultimately a movement towards and experience of oneness with God and all life.

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